Migration is a global phenomenon that presents a unique set of challenges while offering substantial benefits to countries of origin and destination as well as migrants”. The number of international migrants has grown consistently over the last 20 years and Europe continues to host the largest number of migrants in the world 87 million (EEAS, 18.12.2023).

The Jean Monnet Chair – EUmigrlabFostering international protection and the inclusion of people with a migrant background” was co-funded by the European Union in 2023 and is intended to address various challenges of EU migration and asylum policies, focussing in particular on 1) international protection; and 2) inclusion of people with a migration background. It aims at strengthening teaching on these topics, also with the involvement of experts from the institutional/professional field, as well as workshops for practitioners who, in various social spheres, deal with migration issues, and who increasingly show a need for training in the legal field. It also aims at promoting a better knowledge of European case-law in the area among judges/lawyers through training activities and the building of an accessible and free-of-charge database.

Building on the results and contacts that have been established in the course of the field research that is being conducted within the framework of the MUSA Project and Human Hall on inclusion of people with a migration background and expanding the University’s educational offer also in the context of the new Master’s degree in “Migration studies and new societies which originates from 4EU+ alliance, the proposal envisages the organisation of new courses for students (considering the numerous international students who are attending the new degree joint master’s degree) and workshops targeting practitioners in different professional contexts with the general aim of improving knowledge and raising awareness on EU migration and asylum law and policies among students, practitioners and the wider public.

The Jean Monnet Chair is coordinated by Alessia Di Pascale, Full Professor of EU Law at the Faculty of Law, and is supported by a scientific committed including a group of young researchers and PhD students who can benefit from the experience and in-depth knowledge of Bruno Nascimbene (Professor Emeritus of European Union Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Milan)